Apple iPhone X Unboxing!

Apple iPhone X Unboxing! It’s finally here! And WOW! This is the unboxing, first impressions and start up. Sorry for the swearing… I was VERY excited!

Vlog #61

Special Thank You:
Sam Farahzad

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17 thoughts on “Apple iPhone X Unboxing!”

  1. oh boy that's nice but I didn't got any youtuber around my area to get comunicate but I got 1 In china but it's to hard to visit every week so… But you are lucky huh
    My channel is not improving 29sub for 2months that's it for 7videos I just stopped there to get friends to get more knlodge 😇

  2. Awesome! You got it! I’m jealous – hahaha! Enjoy man – looking forward to seeing what you think and seeing you try it out in future vlogs. Apparently the camera is stunning. Animoji’s look really fun as well…ah, so many things! By the way, nice Sweeney Todd reference! 😉👍

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