Apple iPhone X is no slam dunk

46 thoughts on “Apple iPhone X is no slam dunk”

  1. The telcos are in a mission to collect thumbprint and detailed face pictures of everyone to be sold to governments who will be using these data to monitor the people. It's already happening and we are all helping them build our database with banking details, purchase and search history, work, credit cards, contacts etc etc all free of charge.

  2. If would have to give rating to this vid I would give 1/1000th because I just don't want to stop at dislike.
    I don't know how much would you give.. Any descending for dislikeing it more than me.

  3. The people in charge of YouTube trending are on DRUGS! — Today in the news: Ukraine revolts into civil war and Apple launches iPhone X…" Did we just go back in time?

  4. Who handed out the tinfoil hats?!
    Apple protects your privacy more then any other manufacturer of digital devices;
    They have actually had multimillion $ court battles with the Federal government to protect your privacy.
    What I want to know is; where are you getting your information besides your own paranoid delusions?

  5. Will tech companies ever do anything except produce a bunch of bullshit nobody needs, while at the same time using up vast amounts of resources that people around the world do need, while yet another batch of perfectly good phones get ditched by clueless, brainwashed consumers, even further fucking up the environment? I AM ON TECH STRIKE!

  6. This sounds a little freaky & a little interesting at the same time. Though the idea that someone could use this device as a way to see your true feelings about someone or something is a fearful thought for freedom of free thought is no more.

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