Apple iPhone 7 Keynote Recap

This is a recap of Apple’s Sept. 7th, 2016 iPhone 7 Keynote including the reveal of iPhone 7/7 Plus, Apple Watch Series 2, Super Mario Run, iOS 10 and much more!

10 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 7 Keynote Recap”

  1. This is the most boring and non-innovative design for iphone.. Love the hardware.. But iPhones are becoming the Volvo of Super Sport Phones.. – Not looking to hot apple.. What happened to the aesthetic revision???? Why pay more money for basically the same concept, I'm just curious?

  2. Apple was like, How tf do we make more money?
    Then they were like, WAIT ! Let's remove the wire from our free headphones, and charge people $150 !

    Fucking apple lol.

    This phone looks sick though, deff worth the buy.

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