Apple iPhone 6s Plus Review

Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus is a big, big phone, but we’re big, big reviewers, so it turned out we’re more than capable of handling this cutting-edge machine of next-gen silicon and forward-looking 3D touchscreen. Enjoy our intimate review of Apple’s latest and (literally) greatest!

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43 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 6s Plus Review”

  1. Apple please don't make the next iPhone glass on the front and back because that'd would be a horrible idea because glass breaks so make the next iPhone out of aluminum instead of glass because no matter what generation of gorilla glass it doesn't matter it'll still break into a million pieces

  2. This is better than android, no matter what device you have 5S 6 5C you will always have all data photos and important stuff synced and updates always available I LOVE THIS

  3. "it was the largest phone to date" no actually, i had a Nokia Lumia 1320 and that has a 6" diagonal display whereas the 6S Plus has a 5.5", great first impression

  4. I'm either gonna get the space grey or the silver 6s plus. I will use it mostly for taking photos/videos, watching Netflix/YouTube, and for social media such as Facebook and snapchat. WICH COLOUR SHOULD I GET???

  5. That black cat in the background was BEAUTIFUL! Gorgeous! (LOL sorry I have nothing to say about the phone, all I can say is I'm getting it REALLY soon! I can't wait!)

  6. Nooooo. Would rather have one of the new android phones then this. I mean I have an iPhone, but not the 6s plus or anything, when my contracts up I'm probably going to ditch the iPhone idk. Got a long time until my upgrade but still.

  7. I'm not sure how much better they can make the iPhone. But people will keep buying them. It's an iPhone. I only went with it because of the photo and video quality it takes and its audio quality with headphones plugged in or in Bluetooth.

  8. Bring on the android haters 3 years from now who get butthurt when apple users say you copied the 3d touch feature but still continue to bring up things Apple "copied". SMH

  9. The iPhone 6 Plus battery was really good. Granted that the 6s plus is just as good if not better. I don't think it's accurate to say that the 6 Plus battery was bad.

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