Apple iPad Pro VS Google Pixel Slate

Deciding between the Apple iPad Pro or the Google Pixel Slate? Alex takes an in-depth look at both and compares their weaknesses and strengths.

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5 thoughts on “Apple iPad Pro VS Google Pixel Slate”

  1. The iPad needs a trackpad !! I have Pixelbook (same OS as Slate) for just over a year. The apps were severely poorly optimized. I really like the thin'ness and lightness and great keyboard.. the monitor got sever deal pixels. I feel really burned having tried an expensive Google computer. I'm moving over to Apple for the 1st time in my life and put my Pixelbook up for sale.. we'll see

  2. On a side note, looking fresh my man. What fitness tracker are you wearing? Google should have stuck with the pixel c keyboard form factor. I loved using that thing.

  3. I just use Samsung Tab S4 with keyboard cover. Dex is great for making android feel like a desktop OS with windows/tabs and works with mouse/keyboard.
    Amoled screen is really good, has micro sd and s-pen support. Great for media playback.
    At this point, the Tab S6 just released, so would got for that instead.

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