About that Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus…

The Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus should have a release date of Feb 2020 , and in this video we’ll be unboxing the latest rumours, leaks and specs of the smartphone.

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36 thoughts on “About that Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus…”

  1. Samsung means "Three-stars", how about end the Galaxy series here with the S10 series and Note10, then start a totally new seri with a name like "Nebula-series". Start with Samsung Nebula S1 and Nebula Note 1.

  2. Samsung will follow Apple`s footsteps in falling behind Huawei in no time! I`ll give it 3-4 months! If donald doesn`t interfere and ban Huawei, once again, punishing them for success! ehem, I meant spying!

  3. Samsung Galaxy S11+ looks promising. Love that design. Wish I could have this phone in the future. But as a Galaxy Note's user, I'll wait for Samsung Galaxy Note 11 too maybe.. πŸ€ͺ

  4. ……what about the Fortnite promotion? I mean I was about to get the galaxy s10+ but this phone is about to come out and I suppose that there’s going to be another skin….the question is, is it better than the ikonic? To the people that read this irrelevant and useless comment have a good rest of your life.

  5. Samsung disses on the notch, adds them in on some of the A phones, disses on no headphone jack and has been PRAISED for keeping it in, gets rid of it. Good job, Samsung.

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