A REAL waterproof iPhone case? – Catalyst Waterproof Review – iPhone 6

Looking for a waterproof iPhone case you can take underwater up to 16.4ft? Get the Catalyst for the iPhone 6!

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The Catalyst looks more like a bumper than an actual waterproof case. The clear back is a nice design feature that allows you to showcase your iPhone. The entire design of the case is really nice but it doesn’t do as well in terms of access to your iPhone in terms of the screen and certain buttons. In short, the Catalyst is an…

47 thoughts on “A REAL waterproof iPhone case? – Catalyst Waterproof Review – iPhone 6”

  1. hi Sir , can you please tell me what is this in your hand on 3.33s ? does it comes with the catalyst waterproof ? i was wondering if i want to swim can i put the Iphone in it ? big thanks for your help ..

  2. I really need a good case i've broken lots of phones and i've dropped lots on water and they always end up dying
    in conclusion I don't know how to take care of my phones lol
    which one you recommend me?

  3. Is the camera cover on the back a glass cover or a good plastic? Does it give a glare to the camera or does it not effect the video/photos? Because I use my iPhone for both and all other waterproof cases I e had has affected the quality of video/photos very noticeably.

  4. After weeks of research for a waterproof case I bought a grey version of the case for my 6s and I honestly think this is a better case than life proof, dog and bone and all those other cases.
    The buttons aren't that hard to press, the sound quality is excellent and sound coming from the back of the case is rather cool. I think considering I have a 6s with a thicker screen, there is no screen gap and I honestly don't have any glares. Catalyst > lifeproof anyday

  5. 4:29 The cut outs are larger than average to handle bigger iphone accessories. You sold me there because, the problem I had with the lifeproof case on my iphone 5s is, it wouldn't fit my aux cable from my car so I could listen to my tunes through my stereo. I literally had to open the case every time I jumped in my car it was a pain! Thanks for the review you got a subscriber mate!

  6. I bought this case from your link on your website and I'm so glad I did! I haven't gone I the ocean with it but I've used it in the shower to listen to music! Thank you so much! I would have never known about this awesome company if not for your videos!!!

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