$84 to Unlock Fast Charging on iPhone X: WTF???

Yep you have to spend $84 to use fast charging on your iPhone X, iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus. Thank you Apple!
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42 thoughts on “$84 to Unlock Fast Charging on iPhone X: WTF???”

  1. You do NOT have to buy an Apple charger to get fast charging. Any charger that supports USB-PD (basically the same standard Google recommends for its Pixel and Nexus phones) + a USB-C cable will work. Qualcomm and Samsung's fast charging is proprietary af, unlike Apple.

  2. Wow, just a few years ago, Samsung was known to be the second class product and Apple on top. What happened to Apple recently??? Too concentrated on building the shiny new hq or just too much vacationing?…

  3. Wireless charging but here is the catch it takes longer to charge then our competitors charging pads on top of our face recognition is 2 years ahead of our competitors but 90% of the time it won't work so good luck ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  4. What kills me is how devoted fans are to Apple that they blindly overlook all the BS Apple pushes to customers making them believe their product is premium when in fact Apple is constantly playing catch up and then charging more money for old features that have been in use for YEARS!

  5. I have used the iphones from 4 to 7 all variants. Was waiting for the new one, however thwy have finally managed to push away one consumer.
    I am writing this from my s8. To me personally i feel that they have lost their marbles.

  6. Yet you will buy it anyway and just use a standard charger?

    Android has had fast charging for years yet ppl will still buy this mess of a phone, sorry but apple users are retarded.

  7. When they first introduced iPhone, it looked like a really great innovation. After some time, they become like a designer brand. Well, you can't help it, maybe targetting the riches was their intention in the first place.

  8. Apple is all about your money…every 3rd party accessories,they will get the royalty..but hey we know what's going to happen..every iphone user will try to get their hand and get this year iphone and of course they going to buy the fast charging to matter what the cost is.

  9. iPhone X is a complete joke. That screen notch looks fucking ugly! Apple has lost it. I wish I could trade my 7 plus in but the only thing thatโ€™s keeping me back is getting to FaceTime my family

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