$80 iPhone 5s Review in 2018 – Still worth it?

Apple iPhone 5s in 2018 should you buy it in 2018 with iOS 11 or iOS 12? iPhone 5s review and unboxing find out if this cheap and affordable iPhone is worth it in 2018 and how does its performance with a full review, camera test and 1-week challenge with iPhone 5s

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40 thoughts on “$80 iPhone 5s Review in 2018 – Still worth it?”

  1. I have an iPhone 5S, it’s a great phone, I love it, it has and does everything you need, just don’t update the software or it’ll get slow 🙂

  2. Great video! I recently bought an new iPhone 5s. I use it as my secondary smartphone for some app's that aren't available on my Android device. It's a decent phone, especially for the relative low price they sold for. I can tell you that the iPhone 5s is getting the new iOS 12 upgrade later this year. What I've heard from beta testers is that the 5s is not lagging on iOS 12 and runs faster in comparison to iOS 11. So, I can recommend this iPhone for sure!

  3. I just bought one of this, Silver 16GB UNLOCKED, Europe VERSION..running good..only for 150 Dollars…Shit crazy,everything working like a charm..fingerprint…camera…this is my 2ND iPhone

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