5G in action with the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G

Mike takes a trip to Providence, Rhode Island with a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G in hand to see what these crazy networks speeds are like.

Shot on a Canon C200:

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22 thoughts on “5G in action with the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G”

  1. This was a really nice vertical slice review of the current state of 5G for this phone having a few (well, one really) use cases. What I would really like to see you do a video on is what is the promise of 5G going to be when it becomes fleshed out more. Is 5G really safe? That will require that you speak to scientists and engineers to find the answer for us. Can there be more people on the network at the same time (carrying capacity)? What is it going to cost me over 4G? What is call quality like? What does 5G bring to the table that 4G doesn't? You know, that kind of stuff.

  2. So if I have to download a 10GB file, I will have to find a 5G node and stand under it? Also, Should've download Internet Speed Meter so it will show the download speed at the stats bar.

  3. 5G kills birds and small insects. In humans, there have been cases of cancer and mood alteration. 5G needs to be extensively studied before we add it to public infrastructure as it could have horrible long-term effects, some of which might not be worth the convenience.

    Smart Meters are also similarly dangerous, but they've already started putting those up. Those who are sensitive to smart meters have been displaced because of these things. Too much technological "advances" without proper study.

  4. All the pseudo-science cancer FUD. The real terrifying thing about 5G is the plethora of high-def, facial recognition, CCTV cameras it enables.

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