5 Features I'm EXCITED for in the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus / S10+

Here are my top 5 features and new additions in the Galaxy S10+ that I’m excited for! These are, in my opinion, compelling reasons to upgrade to the Galaxy S10 Plus.


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27 thoughts on “5 Features I'm EXCITED for in the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus / S10+”

  1. Would I be out of line to ask what happened to the podcasts with Jason? Was there some “creative differences” for lack of better words? I’d gotten a new job before x mas and hadn’t been on YouTube a lot and just recently started finding more time for it again, but when I went to start catching up on all my favorite shows I noticed there are no longer any podcasts still up?

  2. These have been the first Galaxy's I've been looking forward to for a long time – although the S10e has definitely got me intrigued 🤔

    Nice to see you back, Zak 👍

  3. For the reasons you mentioned, Samsung has my attention this year. Screen, features, no notch, headphone jack; what's not to love? When you get it, give it a spin and let us know what you think. ☺️

  4. If you crack your screen, how much is it going to cost to replace with the fingerprint sensor? The cut is still a notch but has done away with all the sensors that were previously there i.e. iris scanner, led light.

  5. Really looking foward to seeing #teamunfiltered reviews on the new Galaxy S10/S10+. I'm a huge Samsung fan and currently love my Note 9 512gb (also Note 8) but from the design of the S10/S10+ it definitely feels like you mentioned a redesign this year and with that amazing Infinity-O display and bezel less design. Very interested to see how the in display fingerprint sensor works and how much more convient it will be to use the front of a device to unlock now, last time I used that was on my S7 Edge in 2017. Waiting for this to hit my malls T-Mobile store and get some hands on with it! #Zakpack

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