30 epic Galaxy S10/ S9 Samsung One UI Tips – How many do you know?

Here are 30+ Samsung One UI tips that you need to know especially if you are getting ready for the Galaxy S10!
the Samsung One UI has been rolling out to Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 users running Android Pie. While some have been unhappy with some of the One UI features, there are plenty of features that are awesome. Here are the 30+ obvious and not so obvious features you need to know about!

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21 thoughts on “30 epic Galaxy S10/ S9 Samsung One UI Tips – How many do you know?”

  1. I just recently upgraded from my old Galaxy Note 5 to the Galaxy S9. This video is very helpful as I am still learning my new phone and the new One UI system. Thanks again!!!

  2. How do I fix the bluetooth? Since I updated to one ui it keeps kicking me out of my bluetooth connected device. I have to manually connect it again

  3. LOL!! The Note 9 is still NEW!! 🙂 only 5 months old!! 🙂 Just happens to be "old news" now…just as the Android 9/One UI upgrade is now not THE piece of news every one is talking about any more…now it's the golding phones and the Samsung S10 phones…and the introduction of the new Sony phones…

  4. I have 2081 duplicate photos. Showing internal and sd card. I want to delete for space but, don't want to lose the wrong storage place? Should i delete from the internal or sd card?

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