3 HIDDEN Note 9 Features You've NEVER SEEN (Secret Easter Eggs)

Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. In today’s video, my goal was to find 3 hidden features you’ve never seen yet on YOUTUBE. I believe i have accomplished just that. (as of upload date). Enjoy these Secret Note 9 features.

Galaxy Note 9 Playlist:

A Really Cool GoFundMe Cause To Help Children:

Samsung Wireless Charger…

22 thoughts on “3 HIDDEN Note 9 Features You've NEVER SEEN (Secret Easter Eggs)”

  1. Hey there, just a personal opinion: I never subscribed to anyone who asked me to before the actual video starts. If people like the content, they will subscribe. If you want to remind them that's your decision. But don't do it while they are waiting the first 40 seconds of your video to actually get to the advertised content. Personally i just leave videos if the introduction is too long.

  2. Hello Jimmy,
    I have a question.. i use note 8 and i guess its the same for note 9..
    In previous note devices we could write something on active notes.. highlight or select them and then use them to call or save number if its name or phone number, search the net, location etc.. where r these functions now?

  3. There is a deal breaking problem for a small segment of Note 9 users that film using an external monitor connected with a type C to HDMI cable dongle. When the camera is enabled in the landscape mode the monitor is switched to portrait mode and a message is displayed to the effect that landscape mode is not available when Smart View is enabled OR a HDMI connection is used. This essentially renders an external monitor useless and only occurs when in the camera mode. Why Samsung designed implemented this function is a mystery as no other app exhibits it. I have tried different cables and different camera apps and nothing tried will display landscape in a camera app. As I said this is a deal breaker and I wish I had known prior to my purchase. david@e-myhr.com

  4. How can i post a photo to facebook? My note 4 let me choose my file explorer to go to a folder. The note 9 only shows each photo. Its weird. Go to Fb youll see what i mean.

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