Day: August 8, 2019

top features of redmi note 4 Every user must know | in telugu | Redmi note 4 features

hidden features of redmi note 4 : In this video I explained about hidden features of redmi note 4.In xiaomi redmi note 4 we can find latest miui 8 features with marshmallow 6 installed. 1.In Redmi note 4 we can take screen shots with 3 fingers scrolling at a time 2.qr wifi sharing as a […]

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge – warto w 2018? | Robert Nawrowski

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 już jest! Pierwsze wrażenia –~– Aktualne ceny: S7 S7 Edge S8 Orchid Grey S8 Midnight Black S8 Silver Arctic S8 Plus Orchid Grey S8 Plus Midnight Black S8 Plus Silver Arctic S9 czarny S9+ czarny S9 niebieski…