Month: July 2019

Samsung Galaxy Watch Rose Gold 42mm A Must See Video. Black Friday Deal Alert

Samsung Leaked A Real Photo Of The Galaxy Watch (Gear S4) On Their One Website. The Photo Leaked Is A Rose Gold 42mm Watch. Eat Your Heart Out Ladies. Good By Gear S4. Buy Samsung Duo Charger Galaxy Watch Rose Gold Black Friday Deal Galaxy Watch Sam Mobile Link: Check Out New Amazon Tech Store […]

240 MEGAPIXELS BLEW MY MIND (Sony a7R IV vs iPhone X, a7 III, a7R III)

Tony Northrup tests the 16-image PixelShift mode from the new Sony a7R IV that produces 240-megapixel files. The results are STUNNING. Even with a zoom lens, they produced INTENSE amounts of detail. The files from the Sony cameras were converted from raw to JPG using the Sony View app with the same settings. Then, in […]