2019 QLED: Q90R – Direct Full Array 16x | Samsung

Samsung 2019 Q90R offers 4K ultimate contrast with Direct Full Array 16x.

Check out the New QLED TV’s features in detail:

QLED Q90R delivers ultra-deep black and pure whites with direct full array 16x and quantum HDR 16x technology.
See the vibrant picture no matter where you sit through Ultra Viewing Angle technology.
QLED with Quantum Processor 4K creates a truly adaptive experience. Adaptive brightness, sound or volume optimizes itself scene by scene, for any…

21 thoughts on “2019 QLED: Q90R – Direct Full Array 16x | Samsung”

  1. Dose this TV actually have HDMI 2.1?. Very mixed reports on if it can run 4k @120fps. Etc. Heard it might be getting a update for it. (I'm looking for a new TV and I game mostly).

  2. Very good TV
    But Price way too high for a LCD
    Ordered OLED C9 , better TV for a better price
    Maybe next time Samaung , waiting for MLED TVs

  3. I don’t get why they can’t just make an Super AMOLED tv? Use the same screen they use in their latest phones and just blow it up in size? OLED is still better than QLED.

  4. Please like this comment if you are against the tyranny and greed of dealers… This tv is purposely banned in the UAE by the #samsung gulf dealership, in order to force us to buy the 8k version which is more expensive. What a rotten tactic and policy…

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