[2019] How to Transfer Photos/Videos from iPhone to Any Mac!!

You can also use this tool ( to transfer photos/videos/music, more to Any Mac/Windows.

[IMPORTANT] Guys, if you don’t see all your photos in Image Capture, that means you have photos saved in iCloud. Watch this video to learn how to Transfer from there –
How To Transfer iCloud Photos/Videos to ANY Computer!

In this video, I’ll teach you how to transfer photos and videos from your iPhone to any Mac for free! You don’t have to download…

47 thoughts on “[2019] How to Transfer Photos/Videos from iPhone to Any Mac!!”

  1. Hi, when I scroll down to photos there aren't any options for 'transfer to mac or PC'. And there are no options for 'kick' or 'regional'. Since you say this is the only way it will work is there another setting under photos I could use? Thanks!

  2. This is TOOOOO Good!!! I wish all video tutorials were as good as this, need to transfer pics, video to you Mac from iPHONE? YUP me too, DONE!!!!! Took like 4 minutes! Thanks Bro!

  3. Thank you for sharing this information. It was so helpful! I remember a time (not that long ago) when I could upload photos from my iPod to my mac as soon as I would connect the iPod. It made things very simple. I appreciate you showing me the alternative route to uploading my photos. Thank again!!

  4. Thanks. I wanted to find out a way to do it WITHOUT connecting to the Mac. Airdrop has NEVER worked, I am only able to achieve it by emailing pics. If you're connecting then Image Capture is the same as iPhoto, right?

  5. Yakitty, yack, yack, yack…..giving a whole lot of info we don't need……but you slurred your words when you said "Just one little thing you need to do first, pick up your iPhone, go to settings, scroll to photos, then scroll all the way down and MURMER, MURMER, MURMER….because that's the only way it is going to work!" Thanks for nuthin.

  6. I have over 51,000 photos. I used to use this app but it only shows up with a portion of the photos now. At the moment, it's connected and it says '395 items'. Anyone know how to transfer ALL of them??????? So frustrating

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