18 iPhone Settings You Should TURN OFF on iOS 13 !

18 iPhone Settings You Should Turn OFF Right Now On iOS 13. 18 iPhone settings that you should change on your iOS 13 device.

18 iOS 13 iPhone settings that you should turn off. Change these settings on your iPhone right now so you can get a better experience and performance on your iPhone. Changing these 18 iPhone settings will also help you protect your privacy on iOS 13.

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26 thoughts on “18 iPhone Settings You Should TURN OFF on iOS 13 !”

  1. Wrong information about unknown callers that is if people call withheld they cannot call you and what you said is that if there is no contact number saved in your phone people cannot call you which is not true

  2. ….sorry but what a ridiculous video. Everyone’s circumstances are different so turning off features for you may fit YOUR lifestyle but won’t be appreciated by other people. Your basically telling people what they should turn off – there is ZERO proof that theses features ‘drain your battery’.

  3. This was horrible, I will say I follow you because you make some great videos that are helpful but this was a horrible video. You are telling people to turn off things that they need for their phone to work correctly and your lying about battery consumption to make your claim stick. Please do more research before suggesting things to your viewers. Most of these settings are defaults off and the others are choices you make as you use your device. I will say the advertising settings your are correct about making the decision to turn them off, and the USB setting. Everything else you mentioned was straight up wrong. People please research things before you believe what people say.

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