1 Month of Using Android – Why I'm Switching Back to my iPhone

1 Month of Using Android, why I’m switching back to my iPhone and going back to iOS.

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45 thoughts on “1 Month of Using Android – Why I'm Switching Back to my iPhone”

  1. I think that you should have tried a high end Android phone not a budget one!! What is the price difference between iphone Xs max and the Google one? To compare how the sofware perform on the hardware like the fluidity when it costs like a third? You should have tried Samsung S10 or One+ 7 pro!

  2. Nice video and I think you nailed it 👍🏼. The polish of the user experience, even though it might be limited compared to android in certain places, and the extension of that experience across all your  devices is what makes it different. I’m incredibly bored with the default iOS layout and limited customization and that is honestly the only place iOS still plays catchup to Android.

  3. iOS has way better App optimization, and that’s a huge difference. Everything is more consistent, system-wise. And iOS users are essentially protected by Apple App Store, so no weird ads floating, less crashing, more smooth feelings…

  4. Please make a what’s on my iPhone video. I wonder why you have Google Apps on your iPhone? Well to be honest, I am considering switching back to Android. I am rocking an iPhone XR for several months now, but I find myself going back to Google apps. So my iPhone now has a lot of google apps.

  5. I like the points you made. A few things to note are that
    1. Android Q will have a full gesture based operation option. Once it is launched, the smoothness should be about the same. (I currently use the beta version on my Pixel 3 and have compared it to my iPhone X).
    2. I really like the point about iMessages and Airdrop. Those are HUGE for iPhones. Like you said, the need for those may come from how ingrained you are in the Apple Ecosystem.
    3. About the keyboard, I too have noticed the issue if sensitivity, but Swype text has proved a much faster and reliable way to text for me once I got the hang of it.
    4. When you made comments about the hardware, it is important to note that you are comparing your experience from the premium iPhone X to Google's "budget" Pixel 3a.

  6. The kool aid is so fine my friend. I’d like to try Android because I never have and I’m afraid I wouldn’t miss the iPhone lol. But iOS 13 beta is pretty great so far so we shall see.

  7. I agree with your choices I also went to Android for about 6 months I liked it quite a bit. But I missed my iPhone and iMessages is just something I could not live without Apple has perfected iMessages. And I feel there operating system is one of the best. Great video but glad you are back to Apple.

  8. I’m an iPhone7+ user and switched to Android to have a taste on what’s good. Honestly, Android is good with all the customisation but, their apps is trash. Everything is not polish. I had a bad experience with it. Everything was slow. I switched back to iPhone after a year later to iPhone XR, and loving it

  9. Until a user has the time to go deep into Android they'll remain unhappy with it. Once you find what you need in unlocked bootloaders, custom roms, and root you'll never go back, and the kind of phones you purchase become very limited. You stop wondering when a device will get an updat,e and you wait until someone makes a rom for your device and you update it yourself. I understand not everyone has a mindset to do these things, but if you've got the time research and learn how to use your devices.

  10. so in a nutshell you have been an apple user your whole life….cant really expect to stay with android especially if you were using a pixel, cmon man, should have tried the Note 9 or another Samsung flagship

  11. Maybe it was LG Q7+ was the reason we didn’t like the Android experience, but after eight months we went back to our old iPhone SE. We were missing texts from friends and/or phone calls too frequently with the LG. iOS / MacOS is the main reason we stick with Apple. It isn’t the hardware. Imagine how great it would be to have a Pixel 3a like iPhone.

  12. I’ve been an android user for almost 7 years. Ive has many android phones and actually 3 years ago had the iPhone 6s but I didn’t enjoy it that much. I recently switched to the XS Max about 3 months ago and I’m loving it, I mainly switched because I found that customization on android kinda sucks at the moment and in the past year I got an iMac and I really wanted to experience the Apple ecosystem. I actually love the Apple ecosystem. I have an iMac, iPad, AirPods and getting an Apple Watch soon too it works so well with the iPhone and I think I’m here to stay with iPhone. But if I ever to switch to android, it will only be one plus, but the sad thing is in South Africa onePlus is very expensive and almost as much as an iPhone.

  13. I just switched to iphone after using android for about 6 years.. I switched because all of my friends use iphone and I just felt left out but after about 3 days of switching I can’t see myself going back to android…some software functions are more logical on android(such as going to app settings within the app itself) but ios is an overall smoother and quicker experience. Facetime and imessage integration adds another layer to calling and messaging that android just cannot seem to replicate. So i guess im a sheep now. btw This experience is me switching from last years Oneplus 6t to the older iphone 7+ so I think that speaks for itself.

  14. I’ll have to agree 100% with all your statements. I was an iPhone user for 10 years, and just got bored with the lack of innovation and greed from Apple. I switched to the Pixel 3 XL, and was surprised how much I loved it. HOWEVER, I agree that iOS just has the refinement and reliability. I’m impartial now, and think both are great phones. I have both android and iPhone, but keep the iPhone in my pocket for the reliability…

  15. I have been android user for so so long and I switched to iPhone since Iphone 7 plus I didn’t regret it at all then I get deep with the ecosystem I’m not saying android is bad no off course it’s really good OS has it advantages but I do prefer IOS more now and I don’t see myself getting back any time soon.

  16. I've been using Android since 2011 and iPhone 6S is the only iOS device I've used, which I found myself switching back to Android just after​ a couple of months. Now I'm on my Galaxy Note8 since last year and planning to upgrade (Note8 is nice, but kinda bored using it for a year). Thinking of trying out iOS (XS Max/XR) for a change. Will that be a bad decision? Should I make the switch to iPhone or should I stick with Android and upgrade to something like OnePlus 7 Pro?
    Opinions please.

  17. hands down… Android. everytime i investigate the 'Dark Side', i am overwhelmed by the limitations of Apple.
    cant do this, cant do that. no customization. CarPlay sucks. so much more comfortable on Android.
    whats the deal with Apple making you close e a c h p a g e i n d i v i d u a l l y ?

  18. I’ve been an Android fanboy all my life, from my first HTC Hero to Samsung S10+. But somewhere along the way, little by little, I got swiped to iOS. Historically I’ve had my encounters with iOS devices (iPhone 3GS, 4, 7 plus and now Xs Max) but every time I felt constrained by the lack of smaller things that Android does so much better. Or so I thought.

    I always feel aggravated with how different Android is on every different device and nothing brings them together. I mean google could have countered iMessage decades ago but never chose to do so which I find to be so stupid! Now every phone maker has their own try (Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung too right?) but fail utterly and now relying on Carriers to fix their mess.

    Not to mention the way Android interacts with everything else around like a PC. The way an iOS device interact with a Mac of any kind is like a orchestrated sonette. And they’ve even made it better with iPadOS and iOS 13!
    Android has nothing on that game, well Microsoft is trying to implement Samsung phones but it feels so clunky! Like trying to connect to your toaster…

    Oh and wearables… Android could have made their WatchOS So much more interactive but made it so incredibly stupid! I rather have a dumb watch then any clock running Android. The only android wearable I respect is Samsung Galaxy Watch, but that’s not running Android is it… Tizen.
    Apple Watch is in a league of its on. Just the way it interacts with Mac computers (unlock, just love how it vibrates and unlocks my MacBook Pro) and control Apple TV is so science fiction!

    I somehow get the feeling that Google knows they should start over. Drop Android and create something new that is universal to every maker. Because the way Android works now is to segregated and broken imho.

    Android fanboys often try to list everything the iPhone can’t do, but I don’t use my phone as my sole device and most of those things aren’t things I need to get done on my phone. I have my phone, iPad, MacBook and PC gaming rig and I love using them all. It would be boring to have one device to rule them all honestly…

  19. I don't understand why people in the US are so intertwined with iMessage. No one in the UK uses it. Most people just message on WhatsApp, Messenger it Telegram. Im so glad I can get a phone and I'm not tied to anything based off one or two apps. Everything I use is totally ubiquitous so I can switch between iOS and Android to my heart's content

  20. i wasnt expecting you to switch considering you got a pixel with stock android lmao i have an s9 and this last year phone is more powerfull than that pixel ☠ i really dont prefer android ill rather want for samsung to make thier own os like ios except free just my opinions tho

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